Martin Plumbing & Gas Services Ltd is a team of expert plumbers offering both commercial and residential plumbing and gas solutions in the Auckland area.

Commercial Work

We have been working within the commercial and industrial arena of Auckland and overseas for the last 30 years and have vast insight into the plumbing and gas service demands of large factories, marinas, schools and business complexes.

Commercial work to date has included:

  • 100mm carbon gas main installation
  • 150mm colling tower installation
  • 100mm galvanised water main installation
  • Compressed air line installation
  • Large new and re roofing projects
  • Fire main installations
  • Roof maintenance work
  • Large scale gitter clean and replacements
  • LPG filling station instllations
  • Expertise in high pressure shut down environments.


Residential Work

    Experienced residential work in:

  •     New housing developments
  •     To services residential maintenance requirements
  •     Gas heating and gas fitting
  •     Domestic roof work
  •     Drainage requirements
  •     Bathroom and kitchen renovations
  •     Central gas heating
  •     Water filtration.




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